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Summit Timer


​Summit Innovations drive-thru timer systems have pioneered the QSR industry, delivering unparalleled technical leadership, features, functionality and accuracy. 

summit timer.PNG


  • Easy to understand colour coded screens

  • Live real-time data and graphics

  • Audible alerts when target times or KPIs are missed

  • Cloud-based reporting and advanced analytics

  • Automated push alerts, notifications and reports

This technology displays an actual depiction of the drive-thru in real time and can be set to any drive-thru layout and configuration including single lane, tandem and dual lane.

Real-time data detailing your QSR’s performance

The system provides real-time drive-thru performance data including how long cars are at each point, waiting bay times and average service speed, providing tools for improved operations.


This information can be viewed within the restaurant or remotely via a range of devices including your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or computer.

There is also an option for the QSR’s performance to be displayed in an owner or brand-wide dynamic ranking system, which allows stores of a common brand to compete with one another to improve rank and at the same time, speed of service.

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