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PAR® | G5 
Drive-Thru Headset System

With a modular design and durable steel headband

par g5 drive thru headset
par g5 drive thru base station
Tap into the full potential of your business's drive-thru with an all-in-one system that combines unmatched sound clarity with rock-solid reliability. 

The G5 is designed to make your team more productive, reducing your downtime, and making your business more profitable. Features include increased durability, lighter weight, enhanced comfort, backward compatibility, and even in-store reparability.

Approved & Trusted Technology

System Features

G5 Carrier

Control Pod 

The Control Pod is the brain of your headset. With a snap of a button, the modular design allows for easy docking into the G5 Carrier, to keep your drive-thru running all day. 


Flexible Design 

The G5 Headset has a steel headband with an over molded polymer to increase durability. Capacitive touch buttons provide fewer moving parts & the accelerometer removes on/off switches. 


Smart Battery

User can easily identify the charge status and change batteries to reduce headset downtime. The end of life battery indicator provides a visual indicator to identify when the battery's useful life is ended and should be disposed. 

Haptics Technology

Provides a small vibration when touched enabling the user to feel button activation. Additional vehicle presence haptics can be turned on or off and provides the user with the ability to feel the vibration, regardless of where the headset is being worn (on head, or around the neck). 


Eliminates the need for an on/off button. The headset will go into a sleep or hibernation mode without motion after 5 minutes and " instant on" upon movement. Conserves and saves battery charge and life. 

Free Carrier Replacement 

With every installation, receive your first repair on us. With our "Quick Response Package" you simply replace the damaged carrier while we take care of the rest. Service on your time so you are always up & fully operational. 

Additional Features


Base Station

Our digital Basestation complements the G5 Headset to deliver the best drive-thru experience. The basestation features a smaller footprint, dual lane capabilities & a built-in greeting. Mount it anywhere and free up space!

Charging Dock

Multi-use charging station, store headsets &/or batteries in one location! Reducing the risk of lost or damaged headsets. While improving productivity & inventory control. 

Battery Charger

Charge up to 12 batteries at once, making sure your team is always powered up!

Built-In Greeter

Up to 16 messages that can be pre-recorded for a maximum of 10 seconds, letting you use greeter message to promote key item(s).

Smarter Sound

Advanced noise reduction that cuts through the hum of noisy engines and the acoustic echo cancellation offers clear communication. 

16 Individually assigned GPIO 

Allows signals to be fed into the G5 system to activate other devices used in the restaurant such as timers, security cameras/doors, coolers/refrigerators, etc. System will play an alert message in the headset system when there is a switch or closure from one of these devices. 

Less Repair, Less Worry

The unique design of the PAR G5 Drive-Thru system has been optimized to eliminate many of the repair concerns that can arise with other drive-thru headsets. This means that QSRs can rely on the system to work consistently, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 

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