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Lobby Music Service


Our music programmers each have over 25 years’ experience in both radio and background music programming. We blend a mix of family friendly music that makes sense for your business. From Bach to Rock Mixhits Radio has the right music to create the perfect atmosphere for every type of business. 


We encrypt and stream our music over the internet at 128 kbps from our dedicated servers located in 3 datacenters spread out across the country. Our proprietary technology is built into every Mixhits Radio Internet Receiver. We utilize a restricted operating system and encryption keys to keep your network safe. Depending on the level of service your business selects you can select up to twenty formats from the front panel of our player and play different music in multiple zones from a single iStream2. The iStream2 can also mix in messages or be used for an on-hold message player. Only need 1 zone - we've got you covered with the iStream1. Both the iStream1 and iStream2 are 100% solid state media players and made in the USA. They contain no moving parts providing an extended life.


The senior executive team of Mixhits Radio consists of a group of serial entrepreneurs. Beside Mixhits Radio they own audio visual companies, datacenters, cable television systems, energy management and internet service providers. Their passion for music, technology and entertainment is unsurpassed. Are you listening?


Some of the world’s biggest names trust Mixhits Radio including Dunkin' Donuts, LL Bean, Ferragamo, Ninety-Nine Restaurants, Dairy Queen, McDonald's, Burger King, Bad Daddy's Burgers and more. It's time to add your brand to the list and start listening with our dining room music. 

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