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Techknow Timer

This is not just a timer. It is a complete drive-thru performance improvement system. The Techknow OverDrive is coupled with an LCD screen to provide animated graphics in real time, thus enabling the restaurant to impact operations.


Benefits of the Wired Timer

  • Return on investment of six months or less 

  • Animated visual display highlighting drive-thru progress and bottlenecks

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by lowering drive-thru times

  • Excellent management tool

  • Detailed store and local reporting tool

  • A creative tool to develop crew and store competitions 

  • Interfaces with all headset systems

  • Leverages existing induction loops at all detection points


  • Proactive, online monitoring for all hardware 

  • Parameters are timed and color coded to illustrate drive-thru performance

  • Clear, concise and simple graphics 

  • Customizable by hour or day part

  • Critical information is available at a glance to highlight road blocks to performance 

  • Simplified, user-friendly software interface 

  • Time can be displayed in minutes or seconds 

  • Supports most store configurations

  • Capable of connecting multiple displays 

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