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Delphi Timer

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Delphi’s timing solutions provide businesses the unique ability to measure their operational efficiency by monitoring several speed of service metrics in the drive-thru.

Insight Track supports single lane, dual lane and Y-lane drive thru configurations.



  • Insight Track™ is available as a stand-alone timer system for franchise owners that exclusively want to improve productivity and profits, or as a cloud-based, enterprise level drive-thru timing system, ideal for larger franchise owners looking to achieve enterprise-wide visibility into key performance metrics.

  • Collect comprehensive reports providing summary totals for each display period, as well as summaries by daypart, store hours, shifts, and more. Multiple graphical dashboards are available to show performance metrics including goals, average times, historical performance, and total cars served.

  • The Focus feature highlights which operation needs the most attention in real time to improve performance. Using impactful indicators and graphs, crew members can quickly see real-time comparisons of “actual results” to “target goals.”


The Score feature encourages competition across multiple stores comparing drive-thru speed-of-service performance metrics.

Groups of stores can compete on any combination of speed of service metrics by creating SCORE groups, and competitions can be held by the hour, by Daypart or for the entire day.

The SCORE dashboard can also be viewed on any web enabled device including smart phones and tablets. The mobile dashboard view provides a scrollable real time list of stores in the competition, with detailed information for each store accessible by simply tapping on the store in the list.

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